Power Factor Correction ICs


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The FA5502M is a control IC for power factor correction converters. It achieves low power consumption by using a high-voltage CMOS process. Since it uses an average value current control method, it is capable of stable operation and can easily achieve a power factor of 99% or higher. In addition, it can control the DC output voltage over a wide range of loads from the rated load down to no-load.


  • Achieves low power consumption by using a high-voltage CMOS
    1. Standby of 3 μA( max), startup of 30 μA(max), 4 mA (typ) during operation
  • Capable of controlling the DC output voltage even with no load
  • Built-in drive circuit that enables the direct connection of a power MOSFET (output peak current: ±1.5 A)
  • Built-in pulse-by-pulse type overcurrent and overvoltage limiting circuit
  • Enables setting of DC output voltage and overvoltage limit with ±2% precision voltage reference
  • Capable of ON/OFF control using an external signal
  • Includes an external synchronization pin, enabling synchronized operation with other circuits
  • Built-in low-voltage malfunction prevention circuit (ON:16.5 V, OFF:8.9 V)
  • Package: SOP-16 (M)


  • Switching Power Supplies


Controller type CCM PFC
Applied circuit Detail PFC (Boost))
Frequency Adjustable
VCC(V) 10 to 28
OVP pin Detail With
Overload operation No (with overcurrent protection)
Overvoltage operation Auto-Recovery (FB)
Package SOP-16(M)

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