Power Factor Correction ICs


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FA5612 is a control IC for power factor correction converters. It achieves low power consumption by using a high-voltage CMOS process. Since it uses an average value current control method, it is capable of stable operation and can easily achieve a power factor of 99% or higher. In addition, it can control the DC output voltage over a wide range of loads from the rated load down to no-load. Furthermore, the line filter can be simplified by incorporating a proprietary switching frequency spread function.


  • Built-in proprietary switching frequency spread function
  • Switching frequency: selectable between spread and fixed (60 kHz, 65 kHz)
  • High-precision current detection: 0.5 V ± 5%
  • Prevents noise using a dynamic OVP circuit
  • Achieves low power consumption by using a high-voltage CMOS, 2 mA (typ.) during operation
  • Capable of directly driving a power MOSFET, output peak current: source 1.5 A /sink 1.5 A
  • Stops circuit operation even when an abnormality occurs in the output voltage detection unit using an FB short-circuit detection circuit
  • Built-in low voltage malfunction prevention circuit (9.6 V ON / 9 V OFF)
  • Package: SOP-8,


  • Switching Power Supplies


Controller type CCM PFC
Applied circuit Detail PFC (Boost))
Frequency External selection (50-70 kHz jitter, 60 kHz, 65 kHz)
VCC(V) 10 to 26
OVP pin Detail -
Overload operation No (with overcurrent protection)
Overvoltage operation Auto-Recovery (FB)
Package SOP-8

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